Appeals Policy


Harvest BEE Verifications recognises that the nature of verification services is such that the verification decision is subject to appeal in the event where a measured entity is of the view that their score should be different.

Harvest BEE Verifications shall therefore need to develop a policy and procedure for the efficient and fair management and review of appeals from clients who have just cause to appeal their BEE rating as determined through the verification process by Harvest BEE Verifications.


The purpose for this policy is to establish conditions for validating appeals.


• Appeals, requests for reconsideration, may be made only in response to verification decisions or actions.
• Further, those appeals or requests for reconsideration may be based only upon the grounds that the verification decision of Harvest BEE Verification was inappropriate because of errors of fact or failure to conform to Harvest BEE Verifications published criteria, policies, or procedures.
• Only conditions known to the Harvest BEE Verification at the time of the Harvest BEE Verifications decision will be considered by Harvest BEE Verification in the cases of appeals or requests for reconsideration.
• The option of an Appeal will be reflected in the Verification Service Agreement between Harvest BEE Verifications and the client.
• The Appeals Policy will be reflected on Harvest BEE website at all times.

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