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B-BBEE, Another box-ticking exercise?

29 August 2017

While the Codes of Good Practice have been in practice for over 10 years which is more than enough time for entities to put in place efforts to bring transformation, they have never been as difficult to comply with as they are now.

The New Codes are as difficult to comply with for black-owned companies as they are for non-black owned entities. Traditionally, small and black-owned companies have tended to drift towards informal operations management which includes informal human resources practices. Whether it's not having employment contracts in place, not having a documented Payroll system or HR Policies in place; this now makes it difficult for these companies to comply.See more

Is your business compliant and opportunity-ready?

16 August 2017

It is said that "Success is when Opportunity meets Preparation" and we know first-hand how true this is. We have experienced on numerous occasions how companies often miss opportunities because they were not prepared and didn't have the necessary compliance documentation ready when opportunity came knocking.

The good thing is most of this compliance documentation is static information and once you have all the basics, you need only renew annually where applicable. See more

The basic challenges businesses face

20 Jul 2017

In today's business landscape, small and especially black-owned audit firms face challenges across different areas and at different levels. The first and most significant challenge is the proverbial elephant in the room. The Big Four audit firms occupy at least 90% of the market in South Africa, the rest is split between the smaller firms which are in their thousands.

It is exceedingly challenging for smaller firms to break into the larger corporate and public sector and without access to these sectors building a track record with a reputable client base becomes the next challenge.See more

BEE Certificate fraud on the rise

Over the recent months BEE Fraud has gone significantly higher with consumers made to pay high prices for certificates that are not even authentic. Our investigations have led us to various individuals at different locations within the country, the most rampant source being the DTI campus in Pretoria where these fraudsters sit at internet cafe's nearby issuing faked certificates to clients visiting the campus. read more

BEE QSE Verfication

A BEE Verification Analyst is meant to verify a scorecard prepared by the entity itself, however due to poor record-keeping and preparation this file is hardly ever ready which leads to delays and getting an external party to assist the entity in preparing the file for verification. Here a few pointers to help you prepare your file in advance: 1. If you make CONTRIBUTIONS TO CHARITABLE CAUSES, you will need to keep proof of donation as well as a gratitude letter from the reci..See more