BEE Certificate fraud on the rise

BEE Certificate fraud on the rise

Over the recent months BEE Fraud has gone significantly higher with consumers made to pay high prices for certificates that are not even authentic. Our investigations have led us to various individuals at different locations within the country, the most rampant source being the DTI campus in Pretoria where these fraudsters sit at internet cafe's nearby issuing faked certificates to clients visiting the campus.

Some consumers pay knowingly because they are misinformed about how much a valid certificate costs, when the fraudsters actually charge more than valid accreditation agencies and auditors. Others are made to pay without knowing that the certificate is actually fake.

This has serious consequences as the company can be disqualified from a bid because of the fraudulent certificate and also costs the client more as they will still need to rectify the situation and get a new valid certificate. Fraudulent certificates come to our attention in many ways, the most common being when a government official calls us to verify a certificate or at the end of the one year period when the certificate expires and the client comes directly to us to renew it.

In terms of the B-BBEE Act, an EME can when requested submit a certificate issued by either one of the following

  • registered auditor - must be registered with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA)

  • accounting officer - must be a member of a recognised professional body such us SAIC, SAIPA or SAIBA

  • SANAS accredited verification agency

An EME B-BBEE Certificate will cost you on average around R400 whether it is an IRBA approved auditor or a SANAS Accredited Agency. The price could be slightly more or less. An EME B-BBEE Certificate should be issued the same day after receiving all the supporting documents and application form.

Please report any fraudulent activities by calling 086 11 11 251