Impartiality statement


Harvest BEE Verifications (Pty) Ltd has a policy HBVPOL12_Impartiality Policy and HBVPROC007_Impartiality Procedure which outlines the policies and procedures to ensure we are at all times seen as being both factually and perceptually independent from the entities verified by us; and should avoid any circumstances that give rise to or may potentially give rise to a conflict of interests between the various parties. Harvest BEE Verifications (Pty) Ltd takes responsibility for all verification decisions to negate any conflicts of interest.

It is our policy to meet Impartiality requirements by implementing the following:

• Harvest BEE does not offer consultancy services to companies or individuals or any services that may be misconstrued as an advisory or consultancy;
• Harvest BEE Certificates are only issued after review by a technical, qualified and competent verification manager to ensure segregation of duties for impartiality;
• Employees of Harvest are required to declare all possible relationships that may affect their impartiality including direct financial interests or a material indirect financial interest. Any situation past or present which may present a potential conflict of interest is required to be declared by employees on the declaration form to be completed. Should there be a conflict of interest and it can be resolved without compromising objectivity.
• All employees will be monitored annually to ensure, amongst other criteria that they declare all possible conflicts of interests and remain impartial.
• Harvest BEE Verifications (Pty) Ltd does not state or imply that that BEE verification would be simpler, faster or less expensive if a specified BEE Consultancy is used.