Joint Venture Verification


If you are submitting a proposal as part of a Joint Venture, you will need a Joint Venture B-BBEE Certificate. The JV BEE Certificate combines the scores of each entity that is party to the agreement according to the JV shareholding split to get a final score and rating level.

To issue a JV B-BBEE Certificate, we will need the following:

1. A VALID B-BBEE Certificate for each enterprise;
2. A JV Agreement signed by all parties or representatives thereof;
3. The agreement must have a shareholding declaration;
4. The agreement must display the specific Contract/Bid/Tender number.

While our JV agreement BEE Certificates are issued the same day, it is important to apply for the certificate a reasonable time before it is due to submitted.

All the submitted BEE Certificates have to be verified with the issuing agency to ensure they are valid. If any of the certificates are found to be fraudulent, the entity would need to apply for a new certificate which could delay the process.

Other possible delays could arise if one or more of the certificates is not issued under the same codes as the rest of the certificates e.g. if one company presents an Affidavit under the new codes while the other has a certificate under the old codes.

The cost of the JV B-BBEE Verification varies depending on the number of parties and the scorecard each of the parties is verified against. CLICK HERE TO APPLY